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Second Languages

All Edmonton Public students are required to study a second language. At Londonderry School grade 7 students have two choices:

Mandarin Bilingual

All Mandarin bilingual students (code 14) must select this choice. Student who are not in a Mandarin bilingual program in Grade 6 are not eligible for this course.


It is preferable, but not required, that students selecting Grade 7 French have Grade 6 French. Selecting French upon entering Londonderry School is a three year commitment to this language choice.




Art (Full Year) and Art (Trimester)

The art program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore a variety of media. Students will develop an understanding of the elements and principles of design while participating in projects which include drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Historical knowledge of artistic development as well as cultural links will be tied into the program.  New and modern trends will be emphasized while incorporating digital technology.  Representational, abstract and conceptual design will be studied both individually and in a co-operative learning environment.  Students are required to provide basic supplies such as pencils, pencil crayons, sharpies and rulers. Any additional supplies will be covered in the course fee.

Band (Full year) - (school supplies the instrument)

Be a part of a fun and challenging course that allows you to explore the world of music!  No previous experience required.  Students learn the basics of music and develop excellent teamwork skills by playing an instrument with others in the band.  The fun and satisfaction comes from being able to perform together as a group.  Some of the instruments used in the band are: flute, clarinet,saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion.   This course is required if a student plans to take Grade 8 Band.

Drama (full year and trimester)

This course will focus on drama in depth. Students will be introduced to the dramatic process, and will create and perform major projects in movement, script work (monologues and scene work), storytelling, improvisation and collective creation. Students will have the opportunity to perform for school events such as Open House, assemblies and school productions. Course fees allow students to attend two play performances through the year at high schools and professional theatre venues.

Outdoor Education (Full year)

Students will study the following topics: endangered species in Alberta, owls, archery theory, orienteering, basic survival skills, and complete an individual research presentation on an Outdoor Education topic.  Activities include; archery, rope work, indoor rock climbing, outdoor cooking, building survival kits and orienteering. A portion of this fee is used to cover the expenses for a three day camp in the spring.  

Construction (Trimester) 

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In this course we explore the many practical uses of wood. Students have the opportunity to learn how to measure, cut, shape and construct functional projects from various types of wood stock.  Students have the opportunity to learn some basic woodworking skills, and to create objects that are functional, fun, and visually appealing.

SAFETY is always of paramount importance.

This course covers four main topics: Safety, Measurement, Hand and Power Tool Identification, and Project Planning and Building.  Some of the things students will be exposed to in the course include wood joinery techniques, wood classification and characteristics (soft woods, hard woods, plywood, MDF), proper wood finishing techniques, building projects to required specifications, and the safe use of machinery and tools.

Fashion (Trimester)

Students are introduced to a variety of clothing and textile themes including image and identity, the design process, and household item construction and care. Students learn basic hand sewing techniques, how to safely use and care for sewing machines, as well as build research skills investigating a fashion history period or cultural clothing items of their choice. Fees collected cover all fabric and sewing notions required for project completion. No previous sewing experience necessary

Foods (Trimester)

Would you like to learn how to cut safely, use the stove safely, and develop basic kitchen skills?  Are you already an accomplished young cook and maybe a future chef?  Or do you just like to try new foods and eat what you make?  These are some of the reasons students choose Foods Studies as one of their options.  Grade 7 students will focus on the basics of organized kitchen routines, kitchen safety, use of tools, care in handling food, and following recipes all while working cooperatively in a group to produce some yummy products such as Smoothies, Tortilla Roll-Ups, Pita Pizzas, Pancakes, Cookies, Puffed Wheat Clusters, Fried Rice, Tacos, Pasta, and more!

Fitness Grade 8 (Trimester)

This class will focus on the basics of wellness. It will include information on scientific training principles and nutrition.  Students will understand and design their own training programs and will demonstrate proper training techniques.  The majority of class time will be spent in the fitness centre.

Guitar (Trimester)

Previous experience is not a pre-requisite. Students will have fun learning basic notes and chords, starting with simple melodies, and progressing to more complex works. .  Although guitars will be available to rent, students who own guitars are encouraged to bring their own.

Leadership (Grade 8 Trimester and Grade 9 Full Year)

This course is designed to help maximize and challenge students in many areas related to leadership and citizenship.  Students will need positive social skills to interact with each other and with students of all grades.  They will be required to work cooperatively with fellow students and teachers. Students must be able to represent themselves, the class and the school positively.  This course is NOT a pre-requisite for the Grade 9 Leadership course.

Science Innovation & Venture (Trimester)

Do you want the chance to practice your lab skills? What about creating your own labs to test a theory you have learned about in class? Well Science Discovery is the option for you! In this class, students will learn about lab safety, proper lab performance, and the steps required to create their own lab. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Open House, help teachers set up and take down demos and participate in building various projects to test their knowledge of forces. So, grab those safety goggles and lab coats! Course fees cover additional lab experiences.

Visual Communication (Trimester)

In Visual Communication, students will develop skills in the areas of business, communication, human services, resources, and technology through engaging challenges that use a wide variety of software    (ie. Cinema 4D, Mudbox, Photoshop, Notepad for web design). Students will also be exploring website building utilizing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Chinese Language and Culture (Mandarin Beginner)

Beginner Mandarin course is designed for students with very little or no previous Mandarin instruction. The course content includes learning and mastering a phonic system (Pinyin) to help build oral skills fi rst. For grade seven, the topics include the phonetic system, saying hello, numbers, family, school and classroom, and body parts. For grade eight, the topics are: introduction to China, greetings, counting, school objects, my family members, animals, countries and languages, sports, friends and describing people, and foods. For grade nine, the topics include date and time, daily routines, house, directions, clothing, color, money, shopping and fruit. Culture introduction and appreciation are also part of the curriculum. This course takes place three times a week for the whole year.