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The information contained on this website is general in nature and is intended for familys of new students or those wanting to learn more about Londonderry.  Specific information (attendance, academic progress, events, etc) for currently registered students is available on SchoolZone.

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school_photoLondonderry Junior High School is known for its longstanding “Tradition of Excellence”. We expect excellent results from all students.  Our achievement results  from the 2013 - 2014 provincial achievement tests indicate  our students continue to perform very well in all four core subject areas (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies).  You may refer to the Academic Achievement section under the About Our School category to see our June 2014 results.  All staff members work together to create a school focused on student learning. Our teachers, who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject areas, design instruction and assessments so that students are engaged in and responsible for their learning. Our teaching assistants provide small group assistance for struggling learners. To encourage students to be lifelong readers, our extensive library provides current high interest books. Our office staff assists students daily with inquiries, concerns, and maintaining school operations. For our school to be a source of pride and a hub of learning, our custodial staff maintains a clean environment.

Londonderry has also been commended for its excellence in student conduct and citizenship. All of our students are expected to treat themselves, others, and our school with respect and fairness. Periodically, we hold assemblies in our gym to create a cohesive school culture and community. We discuss important issues, mark significant events and celebrate student leadership which raises awareness and donations for many charitable organizations.  Each month a character trait is discussed, encouraged and celebrated.

Because Londonderry school offers a wide range of complementary courses and extracurricular clubs, our students are able to develop their talents and interests. The incredible work of students in our many Performing and Visual Arts courses can be regularly seen at district performance and exhibits.

Our Mandarin Bilingual program was one of the first in Alberta and has an uncontested reputation for its rigorous language development and successful alumni. Our Mandarin program is further enhanced with our partnership with a school in Shandong Province.  Both the Mandarin and French courses contribute to the diversity in our school and have helped create not only a tolerance for multiculturalism, but a celebration of it.

Our many sports team throughout the years have consistently achieved high standings in district leagues, playoffs and tournaments, as evident in our overflowing showcases of medals and trophies. The competitive spirit also drives our intramural program as every lunch hour our gym is teeming with students.

Londonderry school’s tradition of excellence is a source of pride and is a continuing inspiration for students and staff to reach their individual potential and to strengthen the school community.

The students and staff of Londonderry have an interesting mix of ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic and national influences shaping who we are as a school community.  These influences originate from many different regions of our world and help mould the character of our school in a manner that continually generates a very stimulating and rich learning and teaching environment.  With this multi-cultural context in mind, you may find the following information interesting.  

Of Londonderry School's 635 students: 

  • 91 % were born in Canada
  • 9 % were born outside of Canada, in 26 different countries
  • Our students come to us with a wide variety of religious influences, primarily of the Christian, Buddhist and Muslim traditions as well as non-religious secular influences.

Our students speak 37 languages (other than English). As well, 73.2% of students speak at least 2 languages with 23.6% of students speaking 3 languages and 5.4% of students speaking 4 or 5 languages. The most common languages spoken by our students are:

  • Chinese (Mandarin) 31.4%
  • Chinese (Cantonese) 27.2%
  • Arabic 9.6%
  • Vietnamese 8.4%
  • Chinese (other dialects) 7.2%
  • Punjabi 4.8%
  • Somali 4.5% 

Other languages spoken at Londonderry include:

Bosnian, Cambodian, Cree, Cambodian, Dutch, Eritrean, Japanese, French, German, Gujrut, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Oromo, Pharsi, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Sign Language, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian and Thai.


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