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Behaviour Standards

It is our desire to see strong school spirit exhibited in the actions and activities of our students. Respect for one another in our community is a manifestation of that spirit.

A major premise upon which our philosophy and practice is based, is that each individual is worthy of personal consideration and should be treated with dignity and fairness. Established standards of behaviour involve policies regarding safety and reflect statutory law. All policies are designed to ensure a quality teaching and learning environment. Established policies are enforced consistently and fairly.

Appropriate consequences will be administered to those students choosing to disregard established rules and regulations. Consequences are intended to be positive and logical. Parents will be informed when school-administered consequences appear to have little or no effect. Chronic disregard for school policies may result in a change in programming that could include transfer to an alternative or outreach program or a different school.

At Londonderry, we strive for student self-discipline and mutual respect between students, staff and parents. We emphasize that "students have a right to learn; teachers have a right to teach; and no one has a right to prevent this from happening." We have high expectations of our students and we are confident that they can meet them.

Learning and Counseling Skills

In order to guarantee that your son or daughter will have a successful year at Londonderry School, the following responsibilities will have to be met:

Student Requirements

  • come to school with a positive attitude be ready to succeed
  • attend regularly, don't miss more than five days
  • complete all assignments
  • utilize your Student Day Planner and keep it organized
  • write all exams and tests 

School Requirements

  • we will report to you six times per year regarding your child's progress
  • we guarantee your child the opportunity to have a successful year
  • we will offer individual program plans for students with special needs
  • we will provide your child with the opportunity to participate in intramurals, extra curricular activities/programs, and a variety of clubs
  • we guarantee a safe, clean and positive environment
  • we will make sure that at least one adult will know your child well

Parental Requirements

  • assist students with planning in Student Day Planner
  • check Student Day Planner and look over student assignments and homework every day
  • make sure your child comes to school and brings the Student Day Planner
  • come to all requested Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
  • check on your child's progress on a regular basis (please phone and arrange a time to come in)
  • support school activities (Open House, sporting events, reading the newsletters/notices, etc.)
  • keep the school informed of how we are doing (please phone, write, or come in and tell us)

Other Requirements

Homework is an extension of the work you have done at school. Its purpose is to help you apply and reinforce what you are learning in class. Make it a habit to do homework every school day.

Homestudy broadens your horizons and helps you learn more about what you are learning in school. If you have no assigned homework, or have extra time, research a topic in which you are interested, for your own personal enrichment.

Preparing for Tests, Quizzes and Examinations

  • Set up a study schedule to help you prepare for exams. Make a plan that will enable you to cover all the material you need to know
  • Avoid cramming. Begin your review well before the exam so you have enough time to memorize essential facts and information
  • Find out whether your exam will be essay-type or multiple-choice, and exactly what material will be covered on the test
  • For each subject, make a detailed list of all the topics for which you are responsible, then arrange them in order of importance.

Follow this order in your review:

  • make up questions that you think could be that you think could be on the exam, then try to answer them
  • when you feel you are ready, have someone else quiz you on what you have studied
  • get a good night's sleep before the exam
  • come prepared to write the test with everything you need, such as a ruler, calculator, pencil, pen, and eraser
  • bring an extra pen just in case.


Safety and Health


Any student injured at school or while participating in any school sponsored activities, including athletics, must report the injury to a staff member, coach, or the office immediately. First Aid will be given to a student injured on the premises. An accident report is filled out, and if the accident is serious, parents are notified immediately every attempt will be made to contact parents or their designee listed on the registration card if the injury requires professional attention, an ambulance will be called. In rare instances, when a child must be transported by ambulance to a hospital and parents cannot be contacted, a school staff member will accompany the student until a parent arrives at the hospital. Each student is encouraged to purchase the Accident Insurance, which covers curricular/extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school. The forms for this voluntary insurance are sent home early in September.

Emergency Building Evacuation

  • Emergency building evacuation in the event of an emergency is practiced several times each year
  • The fire drill exit route is posted in each classroom and instructional area. Students and staff are expected to know the proper exit and route from any place in the building.
  • The classroom teacher will review these with each class
  • Evacuation procedures include:
    • the fire alarm bell will be used as the signal to start the drill
    • if an exit is blocked, use the nearest alternate exit
    • students not in their classroom when the alarm sounds, are to evacuate the building through the nearest safe exit. Once outside, they are to join their own group so that they can be accounted for
    • students must walk rapidly, not run, push or take several steps at a time on stairways. Quiet and order are essential so that directions from teachers may be heard over the alarm and quickly followed
    • everyone is required to leave the building during a fire drill
    • a long buzz of the outside school bell will be used to signal the close of a fire drill
    • students should return to the school in an orderly fashion under the direction of the teacher who evacuated them

Immunization - Parents will be informed of all Immunization Programs. Details regarding the immunization of junior high students may be obtained from the school designated nurse through AHS.

Illness at School - Students who become ill during the school day should notify their classroom teacher who will send the student to the General Office. If a student appears to be seriously ill, the parent will be notified, and the student will be allowed to go home accompanied by the parent/emergency contact. Under no circumstances should a student who is ill leave the school or remain in a washroom without contacting the office first.

Medical Conditions - Students with severe medical conditions or those who are on prescribed medication, which may affect their performance or safety at school, should notify the General Office. A confidential record of student medical problems is kept on file in the General Office. Students who become ill during the school day should report to the General Office. They are not to leave the school without first obtaining permission from the office. Parents will be advised before a student is released.

Medication - If possible, parents should request long-lasting time release drugs from doctors and have doses scheduled before and after school hours. If a student is required to take oral medication during school hours and a parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, the medication must be administered to comply with the school system regulations. This includes ensuring the authorization for the administration of medication form is properly completed.

Nurse/Health Services - Capital Health works together with schools and community agencies to provide a range of co-ordinated health and support services for school children and their families. Health services are provided to help students achieve or maintain their maximum potential physically, emotionally, and socially. Services include follow-up of medical conditions, immunizations, rehabilitation services and emotional/behavioural support. If you have any concerns about your child's health, please talk to the principal or contact your school's health nurse at 780.342.2881 (Northgate Health Centre at 9499 137 Ave.)