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Pre-Advanced Placement

With a reputation for academic excellence, Londonderry School is pleased to offer the Pre-Advanced Placement Program for junior high students. This program provides a coordinated, rich and exciting curriculum, helping students develop analytical thinking and writing skills. At Londonderry, the Pre-Advanced Placement programming approach is an appropriate and optimal learning environment for high achieving students.


Londonderry's Pre-Advanced Placement students are engaged in active, high-level learning, fostering an appreciation of quality work and diligent effort. The program assists students to become successful in high school and post-secondary endeavors, and the world of work.

Program graduates will:

  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Welcome problematic situations
  • Seek alternative possibilities and consider evidence on all sides
  • Be reflective and deliberate
  • Make connections among unrelated events or ideas
  • Revise goals when necessary
  • Be prepared for the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) high school programs

Student Profile

Students are well suited for this program if they:

  • Want a more academically enriched and challenging program
  • Are interested in broadening their intercultural and international perspectives
  • Wish to develop skills that will enable them to become socially responsible, life-long learners
  • May have met the eligibility criteria for Gifted and Talented Coding

Students will be successful if they:

  • Are currently achieving at an honors level
  • Are at, or above, grade level on the Highest Level of Achievement Tests (HLATs)
  • Are meeting the standard of excellence on the Provincial Achievement Tests
  • Have a well established work ethic and the willingness to work hard
  • Are enthusiastic, self-directed, and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning
  • Enjoy being challenged
  • Demonstrate an intellectual curiosity over a broad range of subjects and interests
  • Welcome problematic situations and can tolerate ambiguity
  • Seek alternative possibilities and consider evidence on both sides of an issue
  • Are reflective and deliberate in their thinking
  • Are goal oriented and revise goals when necessary
  • Enjoy involvement in the extracurricular life of the school and show a willingness to assume leadership.


Mandarin Bilingual


Beginner Mandarin course is designed for students with very little or no previous Mandarin instruction. The course content includes learning and mastering a phonic system (Pinyin) to help build oral skills fi rst. For grade seven, the topics include the phonetic system, saying hello, numbers, family, school and classroom, and body parts. For grade eight, the topics are: introduction to China, greetings, counting, school objects, my family members, animals, countries and languages, sports, friends and describing people, and foods. For grade nine, the topics include date and time, daily routines, house, directions, clothing, color, money, shopping and fruit. Culture introduction and appreciation are also part of the curriculum. This course takes place three times a week for the whole year.


The Bilingual Mandarin course is designed for students who have successfully completed the Mandarin Bilingual Program in elementary or who have fluency in both speaking and writing Mandarin. The course content includes a broad scope of themes and activities in order to further enhance students' listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities through instruction in Mandarin. Some of the main focuses during these three years are vocabulary building, using proper conjunction words to construct compound and complex sentences, applying various reading strategies to improve reading comprehension, narrative writing, individual or group oral presentations, self or peer assessment by using assessment criteria to improve student's own work, etc. This course takes place three times a week for the whole year.


We have increased our Mandarin instructional time to meet the curriculum requirement set by Alberta Education. Grade 7 to 9 mandarin bilingual students at Londonderry are currently studying Math in Mandarin. We use the regular Math textbook (Mathpower) and the assessments are all in English. The instructional language is both in English and Mandarin. Students are performing well above the acceptable standard and continue to demonstrate their excellence in knowledge and application of mathematics.